Free VPN For Kodi Android TV Box

 Best Free VPN For Kodi Android TV box

On your Android Tv box, you might want to have access to some websites or media platforms or even media items of your own. But due to geographical barriers or other such censorship issues, you are unable to have access to such platforms. Thus the best free VPN Kodi Android TV box allows you to watch any content or media on its platform. 

But this might be full of risk as the authorities have an eye upon what you are watching, and you can come into red books if you watch something that is banned or illegal to watch in your region. Thus, you will need a VPN so that you can have access to Kodi on your Android Tv without coming into the eyes of the authorities. If you are stuck in any trouble know how to stop Kodi buffering?

In this article, we will study some of the best free VPNs for Kodi android tv box that you can use to watch your favorite content. Get the money-saving offers on this coming black Friday VPN deals 2021 for better streaming.

Top 5 Free VPN For  Kodi Android TV Box 2021

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The most crucial feature of ProtonVPN is its security guidelines. Also, the easy-to-use build of ProtonVPN makes it one of the best free VPN providers for android. ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland. It directs your network to pass through countries like Switzerland and Iceland which are supporters of the privacy of an individual and thus, it helps to hide the true IP address of an individual. It promotes anti-logging and keeps browsing history private.

It has an anonymous VPN service that shields your data and internet from the eyes of outsiders. It gives great speed and can be connected to up to 10 devices. Its professional support team makes using ProtonVPN easy and free of trouble.

Currently, ProtonVPN runs across 55 countries. Its exclusive features like Kill Switch and Always-on are built-in and block all network traffic when the VPN is turned off and automatically connects to a VPN server.

With the Tor support built-in, you can access dark websites and Onion sites anonymously. It lets you freely stream the Kodi app without coming into the eyes of the authorities. Therefore, it is one of the best free VPN available for Kodi Android TV Box compared to the other ones.

Based in Romania and Germany, CyberGhost is a giant privacy and security provider that lends its VPN services to more than 15 million users. Recently, it was acquired by Robert Knapp and Crossrider Limited. It is a wide network of countries with 90 countries in its purview, giving access to more than 110 locations. You can use this VPN for installing the best Kodi addons on your device as well.

It offers its customers safety with an encryption of 256 bit, which is the highest encryption level available in today’s time. It also encompasses other security tools and its largest network makes it one of the most powerful VPN service providers. 

CyberGhost provides its customers with both free as well as paid kind of services. The free service has no limit on data usage, but the limit of servers that can be used is less than that of a paid service. Countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore have no free servers of CyberGhost

The cost of CyberGhost VPN starts at $12.99 for a monthly subscription. It allows you to watch HBO, Netflix, and similar other services that are geographically restricted, over the Kodi app on your Android TV and other devices. 

With a cap of up to 2 GB per month usage, Speedify is a free-to-use VPN service that allows you to stream Kodi on Android TV. It provides P2P data sharing and manages your data traffic in a way that your bandwidth is not affected and you receive great speeds.

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Though it only provides AES-128 bit encryption, yet it gives you plenty of protection. It has its compatibility with Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android as well. It has more than 50 servers located in 35 countries.

Created in Toronto, Canada, and later acquired by MacAfee, Tunnelbear is a VPN provider that works for free on android. It has been of great use in countries like Iran, Turkey, etc., where the government put a ban on various websites. It hides the IP address of the user and provides in with a hoax IP address. Its special feature is that it is the first public VPN that had an internal audit and later shared the reports of the audit with its consumers, creating a bond of trust and faith. 

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It connects automatically to the server and always stays on. It is very easy to use. It allows users to have access to content available in 41 countries and its encryption is very strong. It is truly free, however, you cannot use more than 500MB of data per month, which creates a bit of a restriction. In this case, ProtonVPN is better as it has no data limit.

Hotspot Shield was developed in 2006 in the Chester County of the US, which also has its offices in the Ukraine and Russia. It was developed and operated by Anchorfree Inc. till 2019 when it was taken over by Aura. It is a free service, which, although charges for additional services that are provided by it. 

The first Hotspot Shield app was released for Windows and Mac Operating systems in 2008 and was later expanded to support iOS in 2011 and Android in 2012. It was widely used in the countries of the middle-east like Turkey, Egypt, Libya, etc., to overcome the government censorship of content on the internet 

But, there is a limitation to this speed, which is the fact that it restricts you to use only VPN servers of the US and provides you with a bandwidth of only 500 MB per day.

Thus, using the Kodi app is safe only when you use it through a VPN. Based on your choice and preferences, you can easily choose a VPN of your own and go ahead to stream Kodi and all the content you desire for the same for free.